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Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

AHDB Horizon Newsletter

September 2021
Issue 4

Exploring the EU: Understanding consumer needs

Despite a few challenging years, the EU remains a hugely important market for UK red meat and dairy exports. If we are to continue seeing our products on tables across the EU, it is crucial we have greater insight into consumer behaviour and needs as we look to compete with imports from around the world. This report takes an in-depth look at new and growing trends, pulling out key consumer opportunities and considerations for UK exporters.

This report highlights how:

  • Building on clear messaging is important to help maintain and grow customer base across the EU in future years
  • Careful consideration to the unique selling points, messages and visual cue is critical to land the right messages with consumers
  • It’s vital to be clear on messaging around British meant and dairy to tell consumers about your products – build on core messages around taste and quality, alongside wider reputational topics
  • Global messaging around Brand Britain is key, as well as more targeted communication to meet the needs of consumers within EU markets

Read the full report here

Featured articles

How could payments to farmers change?

The early rollout of the new government payment system - the Sustainable Farming Incentive - will begin in Spring 2022. This is slightly different to the SFI pilot that will start next month. 

Initially, there will be four standards available to all current recievers of BPS:
  • Arable and Horticultural soils
  • Improved Grassland soils
  • Moorland and Rough Grazing
  • Animal Health and Welfare Review

In these articles, we discuss what it might mean for both arable farmers and livestock farmers and how the new payments stack up against the current BPS payment system.

Trade with Canada

The UK and Canada have in place a short form agreement, in the way of a Trade Continuity Agreement (TCA). This continues the existing trade relationship between the UK and Canada since leaving the EU. The UK is now entering negotiations with Canada in order to “upgrade” the current trade deals.
Trade with Canada is well established in some sectors, and the current negotiations could see increased access for agricultural goods for both parties. In some of our latest articles we take a look at the facts and figures behind Canadian agricultural production and trade. Looking at how they compare to UK agriculture and who their main trading partners are: 

Horizon blogs

AHDB regularly release blogs about the latest topics in international trade and agriculural policy. Visit our horizon blog page to read our back catalouge. Some of our most recent blogs cover issues such as:

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Having left the Europe Union following Brexit, farmers and growers are now looking at the future changes in domestic policy and trading relationships. Explore the latest information and analysis on how this will affect farming businesses at our new trade and policy webpage.
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