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26 November 2021


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Events | David Black Award | Pig prices | Pig meat exports | Anaerobic digestion | Deadweight pig prices explained | Pork Talk | 2022 wall planners | More market news | The pork toolbox
Pig prices table

Upcoming events

8 November – 6 December: Getting to grips with new welfare training
9 December: Fit-for-purpose water for pigs (South Yorkshire pig club)
13 December: Grasp the nettle and be ready for change
16 December: Negotiation – dealing with awkward bast**ds
16 December: Mitigating high fertiliser prices

If you use PigPro to keep a record of your training and development, don’t forget to record your attendance at

Professor Jim Scudamore wins the David Black Award

Professor Jim Scudamore has been awarded the David Black Award in recognition of his invaluable contribution to the pig industry over the past 20 years. The prestigious award was presented by the Rt Hon Lord Benyon, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at Defra, at the National Pig Awards held in London on 22 November.

Professor Scudamore held the position of Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) of the UK from April 1997 until he retired in March 2004. Prior to this, he was Assistant CVO for Scotland between 1990 and 1996. Following his retirement as CVO, he became Professor of Livestock and Veterinary Public Health at the University of Liverpool until October 2019. He is currently an Honorary Senior Fellow at the university.
Rt Hon Lord Benyon and Professor Jim Scudamore
Angela Christison, AHDB Sector Director for Pork, said: “If we were to list all the occasions where Jim has made a positive contribution to the industry, we would be here for a very long time.

"Suffice to say, after 20 years of commitment to the British pig industry, a significant amount of it unsung but highly regarded, we should feel fortunate to have him so active on our behalf, particularly when most would be enjoying a quiet retirement."

SPP steady in the week ending 20 November

The EU-spec SPP held its ground in the week ended 20 November, at 144.31p/kg, 0.15p higher than a week earlier.

The estimated slaughter for the week was 196,200 head, up on the week and the year by 11,000 and 21,000 head, respectively. Reports indicate that a number of abattoirs undertook a Saturday kill, although there were only limited numbers of particularly low-priced pigs.

The average carcase weight fell compared with the previous week, albeit by a modest 240 g to 91.84 kg. Unfortunately, there was insufficient data available to produce a 7 kg or 30 kg weaner price this week.

However, for the week ending 13 November, the EU-spec APP fell by 1.13p to stand at 149.89p/kg. Therefore the gap between the two price series  widened to 5.73p.
GB finished pig prices graph

September pig meat exports are the lowest since January

UK pig meat exports (including offal) in September dropped to the lowest level since January, at 24,900 t. Looking at fresh/frozen pork specifically, volumes totalled 14,200 t, nearly 40% behind year-earlier levels.

A 45% decline in exports to China (totalling 5,100 t), influenced by poor demand, was only part of the explanation. A fall in shipments to a number of other markets was also recorded, particularly within the EU.

Plentiful supplies within Europe have likely decreased demand for UK exports, particularly with UK pig prices tracking well above their EU counterpart.

At 8,600 t, September offal exports fared better. Although still the lowest volume since January, this was 14% above the level last year. The increase was primarily due to increased shipments to EU member states (+31% to 3,200 t), notably the Netherlands and Belgium. Shipments to China were 7% lower than last September at 3,700 t.
UK pig meat trade table

Using livestock wastes for anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion (AD) can help our sector move towards becoming net zero. It also offers other benefits to farmers and growers beyond a lower carbon footprint.

The methane (biomethane) produced in AD systems can be used in two ways:
  • To burn in a combined heat and power (CHP) system to produce electricity and heat
  • To extract as gas and use as a fuel, e.g. in new generation engines and trains
Find out about the benefits and uses of biomethane as a fuel and the differences between AD and micro AD on our recently updated webpages.

Deadweight pig prices explained

In this short video, we take a closer look at the weekly deadweight pig prices we produce and explain their specifications and how they differ. 

You can find a summary table and quick definitions on our website, where you can also delve into more detail in the FAQ section.
Anaerobic digester

Pork Talk: UK pork market update

In this month's Pork Talk market update video, we provide a quick market update for the British pork industry, looking at the continued difficulties and trade challenges.

Watch the December update here.
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2022 wall planners hot off the press

Our wall planner is always popular, and the 2022 edition is hot off the press.

As usual, it incorporates colour coding to help keep track of regular tasks and space for you to record staff holidays, training and key events.

Request your free copy.
2022 wall planner

More market news

What’s going on with the pig market? We last published an outlook for the pork sector in July. Here we take a look at how that outlook has performed and the immediate challenges for the sector.

The latest figures from Kantar show take-home grocery sales fell by 1.9% during the 12 weeks to 31 October. Total pig meat volumes at retail were down -4.1%. Compared with two years ago, volumes are up 2.1%. Pork is the only red meat to see volumes up compared with 2019. Primary pork volumes fell by -4.7% and processed volumes declined by -5.5%.

Both ex-farm feed wheat and barley continued their climb over the past month. Prices have been supported by both global and domestic factors. This is likely to further increase pig producers’ cost of production over the coming months and is already reflected in the cost of some feed contracts.

The unpredictable Christmas of 2021: Christmas is by far the biggest thing consumers are looking forward to over the next few months. But many will be wondering what this year’s festivities will look like following the unprecedented Christmas of 2020.

Just over three years ago, China had its first outbreak of African swine fever (ASF). At the start of 2019, there was a large surge in Chinese import demand for protein as the market looked to fill the gap left by the decline in pork production. Is a 'protein gap' opening up again, and what could this mean for the UK?

Download the latest EU pig prices.

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